If you have some ideas about how you want the design of your site to look, and you have pictures and words ready to go, that saves time and money.  But don’t worry if not, we can have a chat and based on our experience, come up with ideas for you. “Love, love, love it” was the reaction of a recent client.


By now you have a domain name for your site, you have decided where it is going to be hosted, and you have made some decisions about security.  So what is your site going to actually look like?

First, let’s think about the purpose of your site – why do you have a website in the first place?

One school of thought is that a website has one of two purposes:

  1. To sell your product or service
  2. To collect your visitors’ email addresses – so that you can ultimately sell your product or service.

In order to do this, you need to build a relationship with your customers. Our handy free guide (at the bottom of this page) gives a quick overview of the main things to consider and here we are going to concentrate on look and feel.

Design Trends

Website design, like most things in life, is subject to the ebb and flow of market trends and advances in technology.  For example, nowadays most people connect to the internet via ADSL or cable rather than dial-up (or put another way, connections are faster and people stay connected longer). This gives an opportunity in design to use more pictures or larger pictures plus more video than in the past. However, we can’t assume that all our potential customers have a fast connection, so it is still important to do some clever stuff behind the scenes to make sure that your website loads quickly. Design is more than just the bits you see!

Another major trend is the way in which people connect to the web.  I’m talking here about the explosion in the growth of smartphone usage.  Nowadays 50% and growing of your potential customers are viewing your site on a screen likely to be smaller than 6” (15cms). That has a big impact on how we design your site – have you ever tried to scroll horizontally on a smartphone? Our article about websites on mobile shows how we go the extra mile to make sure your customers have the best possible experience when viewing your site on a mobile phone.  In fact we test laptops, smartphones and tablets too when we design your site.

First Steps

So, where to start? Bearing in mind the purpose of your website, take a look at some existing sites and make a note of which ones appeal to you and think about why this is. Our portfolio page has links to different types of websites and could be a useful starting point. Once you have some ideas then drop us a line and we can book a free consultation to chat about what you are trying to achieve and what we can do for you. There’s no obligation at all and definitely no hard sell – our testimonials can vouch for that!

Once your site is live – what next?

Finally, we need to consider how you are going to keep your website up to date. How will you add new information, make updates and so on? Depending on how confident you feel about making changes yourself, or about your staff making changes, or leaving that all to us, we factor the solution in to the design of your site.  You can read more about how we do this right here.