In choosing this selection from our portfolio of websites, we have tried to give you an idea of the different types of site that are possible. In each case we have discussed with our customer what they want to achieve and given you a short summary of the ideas behind the solutions employed. On the left-hand side are pictures of the sites and on the right-hand side the site names link to the actual sites so that you can see them working on desktop, tablet or mobile*

Before we build any site, we’ll sit down and chat with you to figure out what’s best for you.  We offer a free, no obligation, consultation.

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Portfolio Drama Tots Map


Drama Tots is a drama school for 2-5 year olds that operates in a variety of venues. Kath wanted a quick way for busy mums and dads to see where and when classes take place.

We designed this map that at a glance shows which day and where each class is. A single click leads to detailed information and the option to get road by road directions from and to wherever the parent chooses.





The front page features a friendly font that scrolls over a faded background picture


The Sales Academy for Girls has very strong branding and a highly distinctive logo.

Sarah wanted to showcase these in a clean, modern site that focussed on her content.

We designed an oversized menu bar and placed her logo in the centre of the menu items as opposed to the more traditional left hand side position.

To ensure that the top menu didn’t take up too much space, it automatically shrinks as your customer scrolls down the page.

The full effect can be seen on the live site.

We also made sure that all link colours matched the site branding, as did all other aspects of the site. It was this attention to detail that led to her testimonial.


Bill wanted to showcase the company’s fleet but also to present key information about the business, plus contact details and testimonials all on the front page.

We set the wagons as a backdrop and then used a range of bold colours on top of this to present the different elements. By using excerpts from various pages we were able to present the summary that Bill required, whilst giving customers links to further pages with greater detail.

This site also has links to the Facebook business page we set up, so that when news is updated on the website it automatically updates the facebook page at the same time, saving the company time and doubling their online presence.



The Eden Otel wanted immediate impact and key information.

We chose a scrolling banner that occupied the centre of the page, with highlighted features of the site running below.

In combination with a minimalist menu, this draws customer focus to the features of the hotel that they wished to promote the most.


A combination of images, excerpts and a menu embedded in the middle of the page are used to make customer navigation simple, whilst retaining a look and feel that is very easy on the eye.


A pet project that draws the visitor in with a full page image. There is no menu to distract from the one choice the visitor has, which is to respond to the puppy’s question.

This technique is popular for landing pages and can be combined very effectively with offers (also known as lead magnets) to reward the potential customer with something useful for them in return for their email address



Inside the site we have a more traditional blog format, with one method of displaying dual languages. This method is useful for people who want to learn the other language.

Please contact us if you would like to know more about this project.



A picture gallery based site with two notable features that make the site much more useful than usual.

  1. Viewers can choose to see all the pictures, or a defined subset (for example only the Turkish pictures)
  2. Each picture in the main gallery has a commentary underneath it, and by clicking on a tab viewers can choose whether to read in English or Turkish.



A travel blogging advanced site that uses geo-tagging to automatically map where a blog refers to. Viewers can navigate by maps, dates, or subject matter and can apply their own filters (looking at just the entries for National Parks for example).

*Due to its highly graphical content a decision was taken to not scale this site for mobile use.

All other sites are designed to work on mobiles, tablets and desktops and are coded to automatically respond to the device that the viewer is using.