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This page of links is intended as an easy reference guide for our website. It contains

  • a summary of all the products and companies that we recommend
  • a list of, and links to, all the pages on the website
  • a list of, and links to, all the articles on the website
  • credits to the artists and designers whose work we have used

Important Notice

Throughout this site we have links to companies and products that we believe you will find useful. We clearly state whether we personally recommend them, and to what extent. Where we do recommend a company or product it is because we have had direct positive experience of using them, and so trust you will too. In some cases we will be paid a small affiliate commission if you buy a product having used one of our links. This will not increase the price you pay and in fact may actually cost you less than going to the company direct – this is because in some cases we have access to discounts that we can pass on to you.

We highly value our reputation as a company that is set up to help others, and as one you can trust to steer you through the complex and fast changing online world. Therefore, we will never suggest a product based on the commission paid. Never. Our recommendations are solely based on what we believe are great products to use.


A summary of the links to resources that we recommend

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Index of and Links to Pages and Posts


We have tried to place credits for specific works near to each place where we have used them, but to be sure we have acknowledged everyone who has produced something used within this site, here is a summary.

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