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You are a small business. You need an up to date website that shows how fabulous your business is. The thing is, you don’t have the time or the skills to create a truly professional website. If you pay somebody else, you worry about how much it will cost; how long will it take; and what happens when you want to add something to it?

Guess what? We’re a small business too – with all the advantages that that brings; the personal touch, individual attention, and a real desire to get to know our customers. Not only that, but our founder, Martin, has years of experience translating techy talk into plain English – and the other way round too! We understand exactly where you are coming from.

We build fabulous websites and we also talk your language. Before we start, we sit down with each customer and go through all the “what-ifs” that are on your mind. We’ve summarised the most common ones further down this page.

Would you like to know more? We offer a free consultation and there’s no obligation to buy.


We build your site to work on desktop, tablet and mobile.


We make sure you have the latest and safest software.


Rank high on Google,
Share on social.


We give you detailed help guides and videos.



On our Testimonials page we’ve shared some feedback from a selection of current customers – including the example below.

On our Portfolio page you can see examples of our work.

I had created my own website previously and it looked, well, home-made.

I needed to create a professional website to showcase my content, but I was struggling for time. I was reluctant to work with a web design agency as I’m aware that they can be very costly.

Working with Martin was a breath of fresh air. He didn’t tell me what he could do, he asked me what I wanted. My site was developed as a collaboration of what was in my head and what he could achieve in a quick, non-fussy and reasonably priced way. He explained things in a very non-technical way that was, frankly, a relief. Our communications were two-way and ongoing and I never had the feeling that I didn’t know what was happening, or when it might happen by. Best of all, there were no unpleasant surprises when it came to cost.

If you need a human being (and a lovely one at that) to help you get your web design out of your head and onto the internet, I can’t recommend Martin too highly.

Sarah Short

Owner, The Sales Academy for Girls

Building A Website


We build websites. There is, of course, much more to it than those three little words.

Delighting Your Customers


Our core build is all you need to give your business a presence on the web. But what if you want to take it further, and go that extra mile to wow your customers?  Here are some examples of how we have helped our clients to do just that!

Map Interactive


Having a map on your site is nothing new. Having one with each store/venue represented by a customised map pin is! Especially when clicking on that pin reveals text, pictures and even video unique to that location.  Imagine presenting your customers with your latest products, right there on the map page! What a great opportunity to increase sales – especially when you make it super easy for every customer to find their closest location – and then give them step by step directions on how to get there from wherever they are!

Call mobile

D Renton and Sons (Alnwick)’s customers spend a lot of time on the road – so having their phone number prominently on the front page of their site was very important to them. What we did next provided that extra wow factor that their customers love.  On the mobile version of the site there is a picture of a phone and just touching that picture automatically calls the company – no dialling required!

Online Sales

Online sales

Coming soon – another real world example of an automated online sales system relevant to small businesses.

Support for your website and associated services


We are famous for our support.  On our Questions? page, “What happens once my website is complete” you can find more information about support for changing content and for keeping your website secure.  On our Testimonials page you can hear what our customers say.

We would love you to stay with us for your ongoing website management, content and design updates and security. To that end we aim to give you exemplary service at a fair price.  However, we take care to make sure you aren’t locked into us if you’d prefer not to be. You might be surprised how unusual that is!

We realise that at some point you may want to involve other companies in your website. This can often be fraught with difficulties, as web site builders are notorious for their poor (or non-existent) documentation. This can often lead to the conclusion that it is easier to start again rather than fix what’s wrong or build upon unknown foundations. All of which ends up costing you more money.

We use industry standard tools and carefully document our work, which means it is easy for other professionals to understand what we have done and why we have done it. In turn that means you are not tied to us and don’t have to pay any more than necessary if you should choose to use other companies in the future.

If our entire company gets run over by a gigantic bus, you will not be left up the creek without a paddle (furiously trying to outswim a killer bus!)

Having said all that, of course we hope you will remain with us as your business grows and we can grow your website accordingly.



Know where you stand. That way there are no unwanted “surprises”.
With each commission you get an easy to read contract that details what we will do for you, and what we expect from you.
This greatly increases the chances of you getting the website you want, when you want it.

More Information


For more information, please check out our Questions? page or

We offer a free consultation and there’s no obligation to buy.